Answers to some frequently asked questions.

Any plan for an Android version ?

No. Not in the near future. Neither in the long term. I did develop Pinhole Assist as a hobby. I am still trying to do photography. Building an Android version would be too time consuming. And the Android market is so fragmented: so many phones. So many screen sizes. So many Android versions.

Do you have support for the Luxi diffusion dome ? (Lumu)

The good news : yes you can. Theoretically. I have not tested it, because I do not have a Luxi. Here are the steps
  1. Go to the settings, and enable "incident light front cell'.
  2. Set « K incident front cell) » to 330

Now put your luxi on the front camera and it should work. Please tell me about your results.

Any plans to integrate the Lumu light meter for iphone ? (Luxi)

For the time being, Lumu has not made a SDK available (1/3/2014). As soon as their SDK is available, I will try it.

(2014) Does it support IoS 6 and IoS 5 ?

Yes:the App Store will propose you to load a former version which looks ike this. Do not use iTunes on your mac or PC, use your device to download it.


As of 2014 : For the time being the two version (ios 5&6) and iOS7 have the same capabilities, but a different GUI. When the features will differ significantly, I will reduce the price of the old version.

(2016) Does it support IoS7 and iOS8 ?

Beginning with version 4.0 (may 2016), Pinhole Assist Requires iOS9. Owner of ioS7 devices (Iphone 4) will have access to PinholeAssist 3.7.1 If you have a device with ios8, i recommend you upgrade to ios9, or use version 3.7.1

Réponses à quelques questions fréquemment posées.

Quand ferez vous une version Android ?

Sans doute non. Mon hobby principal estla photographie, et développer une version Android me prendrait trop de temps.

Ferez vous une version qui gère la cellule Lumu ? (

A cette date (1/3/2014) le SDK de cette cellule n’est pas disponible.
En 2016, il l'est. Il va falloir que je fasse quelques chose….

Ferez vous une version qui gère le diffuseur Luxi ? (

En fait, elle est déjà là.Mais je ne l’ai pas testé. Pinhole Assist gère les dômes de diffusion
  1. Allez dans les réglages et autorisez « incident front cell »
  2. Réglez le facteur K « K (incident method ») et réglez le sur K=330

Mettez le luxi sur la caméra frontale. C’est bon.