Any film can be used. Just select the sensibility in ASA (range from 0.05 ASA up to 12800 ASA). You can enter your own reciprocity curves.

The following films are included (with reciprocity failure compensation):

Agfachrome 100
Arista EDU 100 / Fomapan 100
Arista EDU 200 / Fomapan 200
Arista EDU 400 / Fomapan 400
Color negative 100 ASA
Color negative 125 ASA
Color negative 160 ASA
Color negative 200 ASA
Color negative 400 ASA
Color negative 64 ASA
Color negative 800 ASA
Ektachrome 100 (4x5)
Ektachrome 200 (4x5)
Ektachrome 64 (4x5)
Ektachrome 64T (tungsten) (4x5)
Fuji FP 100c instant film
Fuji fp3000b
Fuji Neopan 100 ACROS
Fujichrome 100 Velvia
Fujichrome 50 Velvia
Fujichrome 64 Tungsten
Harman Positive Paper
Ilford 100 Delta
Ilford films non official
Ilford HP5 non official
Ilford Multigrade RC
Ilford official FP4
Ilford official HP5
Ilford Pan F
Kodak 400TX
Kodak Ektar 100
Kodak Ektar 100 (2)
Kodak Tmax 100
Kodak Tmax 400
Kodak TMX - G Gainer
Kodak TMY - G Gainer
Kodak Tri X - plus X125
Wet collodion (1m old)
Wet collodion (2m old)
Wet collodion (fresh)